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Winter Braids

WBXII will be organized in Tours in February 2023.

The school is devoted to braids and their different applications and aspects. The main topic of the school is low dimensional topology, with a particular emphasis on the multiple aspects of braid groups (algebraic, geometrical, topological or algorithmic). The school is mainly aimed at young researchers. It typically offers four mini-courses, of usually three hours, introducing classical or emerging topics of low dimensional topology and its multiple ramifications.

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The Winter Braids Lecture Notes contains the lecture notes for the mini-courses given at the school, from the fourth edition.
This is an open-access online journal edited by cedram.

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ANR VasKho ANR AlMaRe - ANR SUSI - ANR Interlow - CNRS - GDR Tresses - GDR Singularités et Applications